Senator crewing (Manila), inc.

  1. Preparation of Service

    • Determination of Customer’s requirements
    • Enrollment of the principal and vessels with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)
    • POEA registration of wages scales, crew complement and CBAs
  2. Selection, Recruitment and Crew Planning

    • Monitoring availability of qualified officers and crew
    • Advertising Job openings
    • Interviewing, screening and selecting suitable applicants
    • Verification that crew can communicate adequately in the English Language
    • Medical examination and provision of fitness certificates by specialized clinics
    • Providing the principal with crew data prior acceptance for employment
    • Arrangement of video interviews for senior officers
  3. Processing and Documentation

    • Processing and employment contracts
    • Application and processing of required visas
    • Application for foreign licenses
    • Providing required documentation to clients online
    • Maintenance of records of all seamen in current employment
  4. Dispatch and Travel Arrangements

    • Arranging for required vaccination
    • Providing joining instructions to departing crew
    • Preparation of dispatch and deployment
    • Supply of working gear and uniforms to officers and crews
    • Flight arrangement for joining and repatriating seamen
    • Communication with client, vessel and port agents
  1. Payment of Wages and Benefits

    • Payment of cash advances and travel allowance
    • Remittance of regular and special home allotments
    • Remittance of crew’s contribution to the social security system
    • Payment of crew’s final wages after signing off vessel
    • Payment of sick wages and other P&I related benefits
  2. Training of Seafarers

    • Monitoring completeness and validity of training certificates
    • Determination of seamen’s training needs
    • Selection of appropriate training centers
    • Enrollment of seamen to training courses
    • Conducting in-house training as required by vessel’s owner
    • Maintenance of training records and documentation for the principal
  3. Financial and Other Services

    • Timely preparation of accurate billing statements
    • Arrangements and monitoring health care plans for seamen and family
    • Providing required assistance to crewmember’s family
    • Arranging repatriation and hospitalization of sick and injured crew members
    • Administration of P&I related crew claims
    • Arrangement of legal services
    • Timely and efficient complaints handling