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Our team started 3 years ago, and it was established from trust. Before the pandemic, we could easily accomplish our goals together because there were no hindrances to our communication. Now that we’re on trying times, being on the same pace is a challenge, since we are working on different environments. Our team overcomes struggles by tapping our different strengths, which perfectly complement with each other. Ms Rayleen Panganiban is our senior licensing officer who leads the FSL team in Manila. They cover 15 different flag state document applications of not only Filipino but also foreign crew as added service to our clients.

Hello everyone, I am Capt. Elmer P. Diamante, a member of Team Senator for 22 years. I was a 3rd Officer when I officially became part of the company in 1999 when I was molded to become a better officer with a future full of potential.Since then, the company never failed me. They took care of me, valued me and appreciated my hardwork and skills until I became what I am today – an experienced Captain for nine years.In all those years, I was grateful for the support Team Senator accorded me. I was never left behind. They appreciated and rewarded my efforts.The length of my stay in this company is a manifestation how Senator Crewing Manila values its people. You will always be looked after as long as you are able and do your job.It is my personal motto to be good, do good and good things will come your way. So far, I am blessed to work with a team that supports you, motivates you and inspires you to do better.With so much pride, I could say Team Senator is the best!